Saturday was testing day. Found and solved some problems:#1 our water cooler had a leak - replaced it#2 the engine didn't idlle - forgot to close the vacuum port for the servo pump #3 couldn't get over 5000 RPM - air filter full of dust !#4 vacuum switch was death - replaced itRead out the ECU - everything ok nowWhile test driving we had a problem every time the turbo got under boostThe car tended to "hold in" under boostWe installed a mechanical inline fuel pressure gauge and a vacuum/boost gaugeEverytime the turbo "got in" the fuel pressure dropped to 0.8Bar instead of the consistant under no boast 2BarOur suspision would be that the fuel pump can't deliver enough pressure or flow to cope with extra needed fuel injectation under boost of 0.5BarTomorrow we will get a NEW fuel pump - fingers crossed !Sancho & BerT3testing 001

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